Churchless In America



Rush Limbaugh blames 1 million gays activists.churchless in america

I blame the Conservative Christian Church for the Churchless problem in America. 7.8 million citizens of this country have dechurched from Christianity.

The Conservative Christian Church blames Obama.

The Religious Republicans who control the Christian Church and plots her political objectives suffer from the ‘’Obama derangement syndrome”: Obama did it! It it is fault he is intolerate. ‘’President Obama should be tolerant toward the Church in its fight of same sex marriages. Sexual equality is an attack against our conscience if the LGBT community can marry. My belief in God is threatened. Obama persecutes by not allowing the Church to fight  same sex marriage with any mean necessary. You are the anti Christ if you don’t let me have my way.

By Not letting the Church discriminate under a false doctrine of persecution proclaiming religious freedom in taking away the liberty of another citizen.

This church seeks a privilege we give no other in this society. The $82.5 billion we give in tax exemptions is not enough?  The first century church did not seek such a privilege: the privilege not be offended by governmental policies.

The church is saying to the rest of us I must exist in a realm of no offence to worship my God in spirit and truth, even if you suffer under great persecution because of it.

The Numbers Do Not Lie!

The Pew Research Center released a 200 plus page ‘’America’s Changing Religious Landscape’’ on May 12, 2015. The document shows the pluses and minuses of religion in this country since 2007 to 2014.

I have been following the Churchless numbers since I launched this site about six weeks ago. The numbers in the exodus were not surprising accept this time two sets of numbers jumped out at me; non Christian religion showed a growth during this period from 1.2 % to 5.9% while during that same period Christian religion showed a decrease from 78.4% to 70.6% of the population with a 3% drop in Protestants and Catholics.

And, the Historically Black Protestants Churches, they showed no drop off from 2007 to 2014, amazing. With racism as pervasive, at all levels in the culture, it’s a wonder black people are not at the bottom of the barrel in belief of God.

Here is why the numbers are so stunning, the White Christian Conservative Church is the face of the Church in this country and it is failing to reach to lost to Christ.

The ‘’sound of brass and clanging cymbal’’ (1 Corinthians 13:1) the people hear proceeding out of the pulpit is the message heard throughout the land and it is not, ‘’turning the world upside down’’ for Christ (Acts 17:6) as did the first century Church under the preaching of Peter, Paul and John.

This Christian’s Church is ordained to be the light on a hill to draw all men to Christ. But it isn’t!

If we look to a trend as though it is: the Nones, the Churchless, and the non Affiliate will be the largest religious group in America soon.

I look for the non Christian religions to continue to grow in spite of the negativity from the dominant Conservative Church who will continue to preach hate against her brother and sister.

In the absence of recognition, I praise that ”good old time gospel” you find preached in the Historically Black Protestants Churches it save me.

The Historically Black Protestants Churches brought a nation of people through the dark and evil days of slavery.  It is an honor to see the blessings God have bestowed upon the Black Church in America as it move forward in the 21 st century.

Pew’s Religious Portrait of African Americans as the ”most religiously committecd ethnic group in the nation”. It has the highest percentage of church participation   among all Christian Churches and it does not preach hate against any man though he is hated by his brother as Christ was.

The religious spinmaster can rinse and repeat but the numbers show failure of the Christian religion to keep pace with the Historically Black Churches and the non Christian religions.

Politicalized preaching is the huge driver that causes the ‘turning and walking away’’ from the gospel.  This anti christ preaching is making the nation ‘’deaf and dumb’’ to the good news of Christ.

Many of the ‘Exodus’ , myself included, ask what is the value of these numbers, the Church’s outreach methodology hasn’t changed. Do the dismal numbers give the Church a ‘selling point’ to claim a Christian nation, as long as it is fifty plus percentages of the whole?

My question to my readers, do the numbers matter?  

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The Churchless Needs Wedding Officiants

Grover Weaver Ministries ‘’How can I be of help’’

7.5 million members have dechurched themselves from the Church in the last 36 months. These members have no ”Paraclete” to walk alone beside to help bear their burdens.

The Churchless members  have no one to buried their dead nor marry their young no Wedding Officiant to create joy and hope for a long life.

Thumbtack is a San Francisco start-up company specializing in consumer services.

CEO Marco Zappacosta has raised 148.2 million through venture capital funds through August 2014.

Thumbtack uses technology to connect  service providers with consumers where they can talk price in a  ‘’private place’’.

Thumbtack uses business surveys to find business friendliness in the United States. Fort Worth / Dallas was on the friendly list.

I saw a Facebook ad I click it was free to join.   

The people who have left the Church certainly need a Wedding Officiant.

‘’Perhaps I can help’’, Grover Weaver Ministries

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Neo-Christianity Contributes to a Churchless Society

“He has lost his faith”

How does a man dressed in fine linen mourns the death of his first love, the Unchurched?  Neo-Christianity is killing old-Christianity and creating a Churchless society.

Pope Francis calls this neo-Christianity an ‘’Ideology. He said On Vatican Radio October 17, 2013, ”If a Christian becomes a disciple of the ideology, he has lost the faith.”

”In ideologies there is not Jesus: in his tenderness, his love, his meekness. And ideologies are rigid, always. Of every sign: rigid. And when a Christian becomes a disciple of the ideology, he has lost the faith: he is no longer a disciple of Jesus, he is a disciple of this attitude of thought…”

‘’This attitude of thought’’ to the White Conservative Christian Church is a root of racism  becomes  when it’s mixed with a doctrine of divine selection is the motivator.

The strident voice of neo-Christianity is preached  from the pulpit and pontificate in political places is the verbiage which has driven millions upon millions from Christ’s Church on earth by lying to the people that God loves them more than he does you and the ‘’Others’’.

Let Us Pray

praying for the unchurched - churchless

Thus so, the message, it’s our God given rights to have rule over communities making them our footstool.

The Sin of Partiality

This ideological and discriminatory message discriminate against or  harm others are amplified 24/7 by the right wing media to the church’s conservative constituents and is evangelized by unlearned neophytes. Totally in defiance of Jesus’ earthly brother, James and the leader of the first century Church in Jerusalem.

‘’My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons. For if one comes in your assembly…And you have respect to him…Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges with evil thoughts?…Hearken, my beloved brethren…If ye fulfill the royal law according to the scriptures, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well; But if ye have respect of persons, ye commit sin, and are convicted of the law as transgressors’’. (James 2:1-5,8,9)

James’s reference to respect of persons indicates in the presence of the Shekinah glory of Christ all earthly distinctions disappears,

Our Righteousness is Filthy Rags

We are all sinners and we fall short of God’s glory, male or female Jew or Gentile, straight or gay.

Our righteousness in his eyesight is as filthy rags unless God approval the script under his Ten Commandment we develop a character/person that fits with his metaphor for creation ‘’everything is good and very good’’ .

The image of the metaphor is Revelations 19:7-8

“Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him, for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white; for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints”.

At this hour I am disheartened and oppressed at the Church lying and her hypocrisy in the world. This is what I know for the Bible tells me so, Satan will continue to do what he does and God will win in the end and I am safe and secure within Him. Amen!


Politics and RFRA Laws causes Unchurched in the Church

Religious Liberty vs General welfare of the Individual

Religious liberty is a tale told in the RFRA laws by the  Zealots of the Church that religious freedom is the supreme law of the land. This lie is an attempt override the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. The effect of the lie is members who are harmed by the law dechurch themselves and live a churchless life.

7.5 million members have unchurched themselves from the Church since 2012. The manner of politics of exclusion on displayed in Indiana and Arkansas are a contributing factors in the exodus.

Indiana and Arkansas sought to enact a law that would to deny human rights to the LGBT community by elevating religious freedom as the cornerstone of the Declaration of Independence.

A tsunami hit the air waves when Governor Pence of Indiana went on the Sunday morning ABC News Show ‘’This Week’’ and could not answer a yes or no question from its host, George Stephanopoulos,”whether a christian business person can refuse service to the LGBT community?”

Both governors, Mike Pence of Indiana and Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, lied to the media when they said the state law is the same as the federal law. They neglected to inform the people the state law is about a person causing the judical action not a governmental entity.

239 years after the signing of the Declaration of Interdependence a governing document of self government by white men for white men the Conservative White Church overreached in its enslavement of the homosexuals in 21st century America.

This is the type of discriminatory laws the Conservative Christian Church wants the legislatures in the 50 states to put on the books. Homosexuals today who know who tomorrow!

Under the Law of Justification

The Church has been prayerful for over 30 years for a return on its political investment of time, talent, and treasure to get its religious agenda legislated. You can ”calleth those things which are not, as though they were” (Romans 4:17).

God separated the races in Genesis 11:1-9

Southern Strategies allowed a theological perspective on the political necessity of keeping the race separate. Integration was an issue 50 years ago the scriptures gave the Churches a hobby horse to ride Genesis 11:1-9 is ‘’the separation of the races’’.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in the Heartland

The outcry from liberty lovers was deafening from the four corners of the country by the churchless, the unchurched as well as the Skeptic and the  Non Affiliate they all spoke in unison to the Republican bully, ‘’put it back and keep your hands off of my 14th Amendment”.

As an interest bystander I find the response by the religious extremist and the moderate in the GOP to be interesting after society reacted to the overreach by the zealots.

The governor of Indiana and Arkansas, Mike Pence and Asa Hutchinson, respectfully were force to sign ‘’Religious Freedom’’ Clarifications into law within days after the moderates of the Republican Party business heard the community outcry of boycotts and bans to area businesses.

State governments in Connecticut, New York, and Washington and the cities of Denver, Seattle, and San Francisco banned government funded-travel to Indiana.

Angie’s List canceled its $40 million headquarter expansion and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) annouced it was pulling its 2017 National Convention out of the state.

Arkansas’ Governor Hutchinson felt the fury from Indiana and heard the words of condemnation and heeded the request of Doug McMillan to fix or veto the CEO of Wal-Mart, the state’s largest business/employer to fix or veto the bill but not allow the state’s RFRA to proceed in its present form.

Three days after the people protested the Religious Freedom law the fix was in, Clarifications were made to the laws in both states.

Poltics make Strange Bedfellows

The Conservative Christian Church and the Moderate Social Business Republicans are unevenly yoked together in the Republican Party their goals are not the same but they must work together to to achieve their individual political aims.

The Church wants to overthrow the United State Government and establish a Christian Theocracy. I am left to wonder what the world would look like with the Church denying basic sustenance for the poor, no medical care for the sick and infirm, no shelter for the homeless. No love for the lost.

It is a Sham The People are Being  Lie To

The Church’s big-time Republican business partners want a strong military and a smaller government that gives tax breaks to large corporations and the weathly.

It’s a sham the Church and her cohorts are lying to the people that her liberty is being taken away.

If you are to believe the lies coming from Fox News and other right-wing media outlets, Obama is Herod, the chief church persecutor (Acts 12) in the Bible or that ObamaCare forced the University of Notre Dame to providing contraceptives to its student body.

Contraceptives had been part of the university’s health care package before the black man was elected president of these United States of America.

It’s a con by rich men to deny health care to the working poor a benefit that was part of the employment contract until the country began sending jobs out of the country.

A Suffering Church is A Glorious Church in the World to Come 

If you could believe, the 21st century Church is suffering anything at the hand of this government, it does not compare to the suffering of the 1st century Church.

You can search the Bible from beginning to end and you will find men suffering and dying but the word ‘’liberty’’ is never their last word. Paul preached throughout the ancient world where ‘’bonds and affiliations await’’ him (Acts 20:23). Did the early Church preach ‘’liberty lost’’ as evangelism’s rallying cry? No!  To suffer as Christ is to reign with him in his glorified kingdom.

There is nothing New under the Sun

Who among us think there were no LGBT ‘’persons’’ in 1st century Jerusalem? I submit to you Jesus had food and drink with drunkards, prostitutes, thieves, liars, tax collectors, and homosexuals.

God loves the sinner to which you and I are one. It is not by choice we were born with this sin nature. ”If a man says he is not a sinner he is a liar and the truth is not in him, but if he confess his sin God is faithful to forgive our sin and cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John :8-10).




Backsliding or Unchurched Which is Which?

To Seek and to Know Which is Which

I am reading the King James’ Bible and ‘’Churchless’’ by the Barna Group, The purpose for reading them are to know if  the Backsliding Christians and Unchurched Christians are one and the same and if different, how?

The term backslider I find in Proverbs 14:14, ”The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways, and a good man shall be satisfied from himself”.  Churchless is only founded in the book bearing its name by Dr. Barna.blacksliding - unchurched - reading

Barna definites Churchless as no church attendance in the last six months. Backsliding is not in the book for the term is banded by most Christian as pejorative when you apply the biblical definite which is someone who takes God out of the center of his life and put self in God’s place.

My forty year ministry tells me backsliding and unchurhless are one and the same. The twixt that between the two is the lifestyle of opposites. One is inside of the Church and the other is not.

Conservative Church is a GOP Supporter

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be again, there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). It’s all a choice.

“…Strait is the gate…narrow is the way…few find it’’ (Matthew 7:14)

Looking at corporate Israel’s history you find a four-fold cycle, occurring repeatedly, in her backsliding, rebellion, retribution, repentance, and restoration which get individualize in the pew.

An alternative life’s to the church’s lifestyle has many advantages and disadvantages. I’ve lived both and I loved both, equally! Not being locked into that ‘’ church thing’’ on Wednesdays and Sundays and have my Saturday nights available was great.

Here today gone tomorrow nothing stays the same

When the Church was in the Wilderness, the most popular term was ‘’Zanah’’ to describe the lewdness behavior of backsliding. The Old Testament writers interpreted it to mean someone who ‘’play the harlot’’ who commit fornication.

“Search the Scriptures to see if it is true”

Old Skool Preacher’s biblicism is Scripture must prove Scripture, it led me to two noteworthy books in the Old Testament, Jeremiah and Hosea.

Jeremiah along with Peter are two remarkable characters in any deep discussion of backsliding. They are poster boys for backsliding, Jeremiah in the Old and Peter in the New Testament. God loved them.

Hosea, the Old Testament Prophet’s notoriety was his love for a woman, a backslider, a lady of harlotry, name Gomar, his wife and mother of his children, who played the harlot throughout their marriage.

Applying the broadest of definite and word association for backsliding such as ”perverse”, ”faithlessness”, ”stubborn” or ”faithless” and applying it to Jeremiah and Peter the objective reality is they quit on God.

Jeremiah quit preaching once he was thrown in prison for preaching. He said afterwards it felt ‘’like a burning fire shut-up in my bones when I did not make mention of him nor spoke anymore in his name’’ (Jeremiah 20:9).

Peter later suffered shame and humiliation from his actions during Jesus’ arrest and trial, had a crisis of confidence, said to the other ten disciples, ”I go fishing” (John 21:3).

Peter was a fisherman and Jeremiah was from the priestly class both renounced God and went back to their former life. But God would now accept ”no” as an answer.

The curtain is pull back

God pulls the curtian back and gives the reader an open door view of his intimancy for the unchurched by the compassion he shows to the old prophet who sought to save his marriage to Mrs. Hosea,

”And the Lord said to (the prophet), Go again, love a woman who is beloved of a paramour and is an adulteress…” (Hosea 3:1-3)

Religion and Politics

The White Conservative Church preaches the love of God, guns and hatred for the government to its membership, no love for the ‘’others’’ or the stranger which resides within their gate.

The Church while waiting for Jesus to return has formed an alliances with greedy billionaires and corrupt corporations to influence the United State Government.

The Church praying for a Christian Theocracy and the corrupt corporations and billionaires are praying to keep their loot. Forbes reports twenty-one trillion dollars are hided in secretive offshore tax haven accounts.

The Nixon / Reagan Southern Strategy

President L B J in 1964 sacrificed the White Conservative Church in the South to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964 it is part of Southern Folklore after he had signed the bill he turned to an aide and said, “We have lost the South for a generation’’.

The South was DixieLand, cotton was king and the Democratic Party defended the politics of slavery and segregation. The first walk away by Whites was when they formed the DixieCrats after the party inserted a civil rights plank in the party’s platform in 1948.

Nixon and Goldwater in 1960 formed what was to be called the ‘’Southern Strategy’’. Reagan builded upon it when he went to the Mississippi Neshoba County Fair in 1980and perfected it with a wink, ‘’I am for state rights’’. The right to segregate the races.

The Southern white preacher would not have a pulpit if he preached a ministry of racial reconciliation. He would be branded as a n-word lover and lose his congregation.

The last fifty years the Conservative Church in America has been caught up in the ‘’gall of bitterness and the bond of iniquity’’ toward the members of the Democratic Party instead of showing love the Church shows hate to the party especially since you have a black man president. The Church and the politicial acolyte of southern strategy cast the recipient of social services as lazy and not worthy of God’s grace because they are different than the member in its pew it.

This week the Koch bought Republicans will take food aid away from 47 million with 21 million are children that is 79 million plates from the table of the need. The Church is silentd because inside of the democratic partry is women who want control over their health and the men want to see the wealthy pay a fair share of the cost of government.

This allow the Church and it corporative cohorts to build a politicial infrastructure that takes voting rights away from the uninformed and give it to the learned who understanding what is good for the rich will trickle down to the poor.

Wilderness Health Care Given by Moses

The White Conservative Church preaches God, guns and hatred for the government to its membership. There is no love for the ‘’others’’ or the stranger (illegal-immigrant) within its gate.

The Church’s exodus can be contributed in part to violence in the name of Christ (18%), priestly sexual abuse scandals from the pulpit (13%), attacks on the homosexual sinner’s sexual desires to the exclusion of the hetrosexual sinner’s sexual desires (15%), and politics (10%) are the reasons and the percentages for leaving the Church.

The Republican Party is for a smaller government a strong military and tax cuts for the weathy.

Christian anti-medical care crusade’’ heavily-funded by Charles and David Koch in states like Tennessee, Ohio Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska, has driven Christians by the thousands out of the Church when states deny Medicaid expansion by preaching Moses led the Children out of the Wilderness without health care.

The Koch bought Republicans will take food aid away from 47 million with 21 million are children that is 79 million plates from the tables of the need.

The Church is silent on social justice because the Democratic Party is for equal protection under the law for all women, Gays, and minorities and for the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

Watch  Work & Wait until Christ Return

In all of the words (807,371) of the bible there is not a chapter or verse that encourages the church to go out in the world and create a theocracy or form alliances with secular forces to punish the sinners and take their liberty away.

Matter of fact Jesus said in the ‘’Wheat and the Weed (Tares) Parable (Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43) to leave things as they are (verse 30) and I will set them in order when I return.

The Conservative Church in America is caught up in apocalypticism, end-time theology which preaches Jesus is coming back soon. Soul winning suffers when political methodology is the non-spiritual strategy employed as a soulwinning technique for building a Christian organization.

The answer to the question: ‘Is backsliding and unchurched the same?’ is yes. The answer is based on the best avalible empirical biblical data, backsliding and churchless are one and the same. God will judge the pastors who scathers the flock.  The Good Shepard loves the sheep. The shepard seeks the sheep.

The Church must Pursue the Unchurched

 Preach The Word To The Unchurched

“There is not a single demographic for which church attendance is on the increase” is the most definitive in ”Churchless” by the Barna Group. Church members unchurched themselves walked away and become dechurched by living a churchless mentality while allegedly seeking a ”powerful encounter with God” without the church’s blessing.


Is ”a book that is based on data drawn from a series of eighteen nationwide surveys…conducted with adults between 2008 and 2014…(the) studies encompassed interviews with 20,524 America adults, including 6,276 unchurched adults”.

This book by George Barna and David Kinnaman gives a new name to unchurched - churchless - bookwhat Jeremiah and Hosea called ”backsliding” by calling it “unchurched”.

The book finds a growing indifference by the unchurched to the church culture. The members who stay feel a sense of duty to their faith but they are not in any active way sharing their faith with friends.

Evangelizing Media methods to build the Church 

Twenty year ago the unchurched was responsive to methodological outreachs via the media such as TV, radio, or newspaper, direct mailings, and billboard ads. Today they are not. The most effective method of getting ‘’souls in the pew’’is the same today, though less effective.

The best method now as was then is a personal invitation by a member to visit the church. The draw back is the Church moves and has its being in a ‘’live and let live’’culture that does not encourages evangelism among thy neighbor.

The book describes the problem the problem is preach the Word.

The people walk if the preacher does not preach the Word IN ALL SEASONS. In today’s Church the greatest lost in membership comes when politics enters the preaching and the sermon become a political party’s political aganda of Them vs Us when the message is God so love the world that he gave his only begotton son that who so ever believes in him has forgiven of sins and eternal life.

Feed my sheep

The Barna Book dances around the problem and does not place the blamchurchlee - unchurched - dechurchede on the pastor/shepard for the wandering of the sheep. Jeremiah and Ezekiel place the blame squarely on the pastor/shepard for the unchurched and the de-churched members/sheep leaving the church (Jeremiah 23:1-4, Ezekiel 34:2-10).

Just Preach the Word for there is Nothing new under the Sun

In 2 Timothy 4:2, Paul said to Timothy, ”Preach the Word”! Tell Christ’s story. The Word/Story is the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:4).

… leave off the other stuff (same sex marriage, abortion, birth control, etc) ”and the rest Christ will set in order when he comes” (1 Corinthians 11;34).

Why the Unchurched needs the Church?

I do not wish to be sensational

If the media message is believed the Unhurched and the De-Churched and the Churchless are saying to the Bride of Christ, ”F U” you failed me and I am done. Is that the message the Churchless, Unchurched and the De-Churched hears? Now be honest with me you saintly people, isn’t that what many say or think when we are ”P O” with a person a place or thing? Especially the things we had hoped for did not turn out the way we were leaded to believe, isn’t this the organic reason for unchurched is churcherlesswalking away from the Church?

God’s Gifts and his Call are Irrevocable

I have ordered received and it reading the George Barna & David Kinnaman’s book, ”Churchless” it’s much to do about the modern day revolving-door church with new terms describing old thing.

Churchless labels someone who is no longer active in the Church as “De-Chruched”, or Unchurched. Old Time Saints labeled it ”backsliding”.

The book did not say you will loss your salvation if you De-Church yourself, but the Old Skol Preacher’s postion is a sinner is still save by grace if you believe as Peter, “Thou are Christ the Son of the Living God”.

There is nothing in the 807,371 words in the Good Book of God that says you lose your salvation if you ”forsake the assembly of ourselves together” (Hebrews 10:25). Here is the rub, ”you got to be in it to get the Chruch’s blessings”.

“A day is coming when the doors of the Church will close” (Luke 21:24). The Church Age will end. That will be the day God decides the ”elect of God has said Amen. The ”times of the Gentiles” will be over. The church will be ”fulfilled ”(Luke 21:24). The door is closed.

God Loves the Sinner

He will judge the pastor who from bad preaching allows the flock to scratter.

 Peter’s Confession Is The Creation of the Church

The church is created in Chapter 16 verses 13 through 20 of the Gospel According to Matthew.The author points to a ‘’person’’ not a ‘’place’’. The person become the place but the place never becomes the person. Christ is the person and the place.

unchurched - churchless

In Matthew 16:16, Peter makes a confession and the first word out of the mouth of Christ was a ‘’Blessed art thou, Simon.’’. This was the first time on earth, the word Church was spoken. Christ took a man’s confession and created the Church.

When the going get rough the tough gets going

If there was such a man who could said ”FU” to the Church, it would be Peter. Jesus would not let Peter leave the Church. We have the big unlearned Galilean Fisherman, hightly emotional ”cursing and swear” like a sailor, “I know not this man of whom you speak.” (Mark 14:71)  

This man he confessed to know in Matthew 16:19 who gave him the ”Keys to the Kingdom” and ordained him Pope was caught up in the midst of a crisis of confidence.

“Go Tell Peter”

God send a message on the day of the Ressurection by ”a young man in Mark 16:6-7 clothed in a long white garment” who told Mary Magdalene and Mary, the mother James, and Salome to ”go tell Peter”, Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified; he is risen”.

The day after Jesus death Peter went fishing. ”I go fishing” (John 21:3),

Jesus founded him the morning after with no catch and nake in his boat. Jesus had promised to make Peter a fisher of men (Matthew 4:19) the first day he was introducted to him.

In the bright morning sun, he would show the fisherman who was the greatest fisherman of all time.unchurched I go fishing churchless

The partners had fished all night and caught nothing.

”Cast you nets on the right side of the boat”, he said standing on the shore, ”you shall find your catch”. What A Catch it was indeed! 153 fishes, it took two boats to get the catch to shore (John 21:6-11)

The disciples had  a breakfast at Jesus’ Buffet. Afterward he asked Peter if he loved him more than his business partners. He said he did. Jesus told him to feed his sheep and lambs (John 21:12-19).

The Fire of Rome!

All was going well, Peter was ”walking worthy of his vocation to which he was called…” (Ephesians 4:1).

A fire was started in Rome in 64 AD, the mad man Nero, Emperor of Rome blamed it on Peter and the Christians.

Peter was afraid!

His story is commenorarted in a Annibale Carracci painting (the image is below).

”Where are you going, Jesus?

Unchurched PeterAccording to the story, Peter was fleeing Rome to avoid execution, when he saw a vision of  Jesus. Jesus responded that he was ”going to Rome to be crucified again, ” On hearing this Peter decided to return to the city to accept martyrdom” and become the premier witness for Christianity..

Why the Church is needed

The story is really an extention of a conversation Jesus had with the twelve and Peter in John 6: 67-69, after many of the people had walked away, ”Will you also go away?” Peter answered him, ”Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou has the words of eternal life.”

Hebrews 9:27 puts the touchstone to Peter’s answer, ”It is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgenent.”


photo credit: Madeline Hyde,